Men’s suits…? There’s an app for that!

Men’s suit measurements can have up to 500 anomalies, this according to Russell Scott Lawson, owner of Hawkes Bespoke Outfitters in Cardiff  in Wales (U.K.). He is in the business of bespoke tailoring for more than 25 years, so I have taken his word for it. With this bit of information, you would think this, would be a strictly hands-on job right?…but you would be wrong.

We can click to order food, shoes, gadgets, and cabs…why not a tailor? Several tailoring apps are on the market, but like all apps, there are only a handful that work really well. zTailor, Air Tailor and MTailor were the names that came up when I did a little digging into this tech market, all US-based.

Ztailor Mens suits Bespoke Bespokenforblog
Suit construction following clients home consultation with the use of the zTailor technology. Photo: CityLab

zTailors, dubbed the ‘Uber of tailors’ was launched by Men’s Warehouse more than two years ago. So just as you can order a pizza, you can order a tailor, and he will come to your door. Whether you need something stitched, hemmed, or made from scratch, zTailor can do it for you. This app is one of several on the market that make on-call arrangements for clients.

mens suits Air Tailor Facebook

Air Tailor is another service that offers on-demand tailor services, but via text. What sets this service apart is that is it not exclusively for men as they can alter, hem or mend: shirt, pants, ties, dresses, skirts, or coats, to name a few. And instead of in-person fitting, clients also have the option of sending in a piece of garment which they will match. It’s not that pricey either. For shirts, prices for alterations etc. range from US$13 – $35; for pant, the prices go up a notch ranging from $15-$50; for ties, dresses and skirt the price range from $5-$50; and suit jackets and coats range from $15-$100.

MTailor Mens suit measurement
MTailor’s easy to use app with only 3 steps.

Unlike the other apps mentioned, the Mobile Tailor seems to be the most unique. MTailor was launched June 1, 2014, it was developed by Miles Penn and Raffi Witten who both studied Math and Information Technology (IT) at Stanford. The app offers bespoke tailoring on the go.

Men can order dress shirts through the app on their iPhone or iPad, the app uses the cameras on these devices along with scanning technology to ascertain the body measurements of the men’s shirt size and delivers a fit that is said to be 20% more accurate than a human tailor! Talk about precision. They custom fit clients within 5 minutes for dress shirt and suits. Unlike the other apps, men can order their shirts through the app, and you only really need to measure once, there is no need to measure again as long as you remain the same size.

It is clear that in the US market, convenience is key, which is why AirTailor and zTailor could continue to do well as they may appeal to the mature members of the market. Millenials on the other hand, according to research company comScore, spend some 90 hours each month on mobile apps. So that fact that this seemingly hands-on market is entering app development is no surprise. If a human tailor can account for up to 500 hundred anomalies in his client, a computer can do much more. In order to increase their market share, they need to go where the eyes are fixed, and that’s on mobile devices.

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Air Tailor: Air Tailor Facebook Page.

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