Decision to go bespoke

Let’s imagine that several years after you have transitioned from a college student to a young professional, you decide to kick things up a notch and get a bespoke tailored suit. You have managed to save a fair percentage of your pay cheque each month for several months and you are now in a position to attend your first consultation. What are the things you need to consider before spending that hard-saved money?

I suggest you know what you’re getting into, so perhaps a little history may be in order. To have an appreciation for bespoke tailoring, it’s important to know a little of the history behind the time-honoured tradition. The English has a reputation for being pragmatic, their style and dress are no exception.

In the 19th century, amidst the flamboyance that was the hallmark of French fashion, the English took a different more discrete approach and brought more focus on the silhouette of the male body. The English tailors placed their emphasis on details rather than decor and fit rather than flamboyance. Not long after, English tailors became highly regarded in the industry for just that.

The perfect cut was now to be found with the tailors of the Savile Row in Mayfair, London. Savile Row is still referred to as ‘the golden mile of tailoring’. It was actually the tailors of Savile Row who coined the term ‘bespoke’, meaning, the cloth with which the suit was to be constructed was ‘spoken for’ by a gentleman.

Deciding to spend on a bespoke tailored suit means you have made certain consideration about what you want, which is, the best of both worlds – fit and quality. Becoming a member of this club is pricey, so it doesn’t hurt to know the practical things to consider before making this spend. Since you probably have already considered money, now you must consider the investment of your time.

If you need a suit in 48 hours, then a bespoke suit is not for you, as the average time of construction is approximately 6-7 weeks by 2-3 expert tailors. You may have several consultations as a result of the creative freedom you possess in the construction of the item, and even if you are new to the whole idea, your vision for your first suit can change. You may find yourself doing your own research and get ideas about what is right for you. So be prepared for that.

Bespoke tailored suits are still considered ‘the holy grail’ of suits, BUT, it’s a possibility that it will not be absolutely perfect the first time. The second time, may be slightly better than the first, but still not perfect. So, patience is a virtue.


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  1. xinyupeng says:

    Love it!


    1. Kahmile says:

      Thank you Winnie! Feel free to suggest topics you would like to see me write about. Cheers!


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