Androgyny in the fashion

Walking home from the movies with friends about a month ago, I noticed a billboard baring the image of someone, a model, but I wasn’t sure who it was in the most basic term. I turned to my friend and asked, ‘is that a man or woman?’ Until this day, neither of us are sure….

5 issues facing male models

  Two months ago, I read an article in the Irish Times about male anorexia. It got me thinking about an issue that I hadn’t thought about it in years. When I was a teenager, I watched many programmes on cable channel about women and young girls struggling with eating disorder like anorexia and bulimia….

Men’s suits: Bespoke on a budget anyone?

Men’s suits, the good ones, tend to be expensive. The difference between ‘bespoke’, ‘made to measure’ and ‘personal tailoring’ in mens suits is subtle. You have to be in the know…

Decision to go bespoke

Let’s imagine that several years after you have transitioned from a college student to a young professional, you decide to kick things up a notch and get a bespoke tailored suit.